Functional, well-organized, smart refrigerators

Refrigerators are an essential part of any kitchen, they store food so it can be fresh and cool. A well-organized refrigerator saves time and money by making efficient meal planning. It allows us to keep better track of food, groceries and an organized fridge.

Efficient living starts with small tasks

To make our refrigerator efficient and organized we must first:

  • Remove everything from inside the refrigerator
  • Clean all drawers, shelves, compartments, doors with warm water and liquid detergent. Beware of harsh chemicals that can transfer to food. 
  • Put everything back together and add a fresh box of baking soda.

Now that your refrigerator is like NEW, you can start filling it up!

Making your refrigerator organized is a combination of choosing the right temperature for your foods and organizing everything in order to simplify that house dynamic. 

The order of things

Having a clear space for everything in your refrigerator will keep everything simple, tidy, germ free and tasting fresh. Usually the order of things in the fridge is determined by temperatures. Every shelf is usually used for the following:

Top shelf: Food that has been cooked, leftovers, ready to eat food, drinks.

Middle shelf: ham, cheese, cold cuts, spreads, etc.

Bottom shelf: eggs, meat, poultry, sour cream, milk, yogurt, beverages, etc.

Usually doors are used to store sauces, condiments & oils.

Clear bins can help add clear up space for additional options like juices, puddings, and keep them organized.

An additional Children’s Snack drawer comes in handy while prepping lunch, when on the go or grabbing an after-school snack. 

Bottom drawers are usually used to store vegetable and fruits because they maintain some level of moisture that keeps vegetables fresher. 

Getting your kitchen and refrigerator organized and ready means putting in some elbow grease, which can be a very difficult task. 

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