Surface cleaning tips

Granite is a widely selected option for countertops, backsplashes or floors, it stands out for it sophisticated look, durability and traits. Taking excellent care ensures the everlasting natural beauty of granite.

Granite is a stone composed of a group of rocks with similar textures which add sparkle, color, etc. Granite is naturally resistant to water, scratches, heat, etc. Normally some mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth can help clean the surface but it´s important to use a more natural way of taking care of it then using harsh chemicals that could damage the granite.

Cleaning granite tips


Get down at eye level this way you can ensure if there are any debris, crumbs that need to be removed before continuing.

  • Use a soft cloth, mild liquid dishwashing with water, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Use coasters under glasses especially those containing alcohol, acidic or citrus beverages, also use trivets for hot dishes.
  • Clean immediately after serving food, cooking, or any type of spill occurs.


  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like: ammonia, bleach, or some favorite green options like: lemon, vinegar are especially harsh for granite.
  • Avoid leaving water or it will stain and have water spots that are hard to remove.

Some stains can be removed if treated properly, always use baking soda as a base for cleaning and add water, treat stains in the following matter:

Oils bases stains– baking soda and water

Water based stains– baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Mix the ingredients and apply to stain, gently rub the granite with a soft cloth, and rinse with water. If this doesn’t work our team of stain experts can surely help.

If you are unsure of go to treat your granite of simply didn’t succeed at removing the stain, make an appointment with our cleaning experts at GO CLEAN, we always have options!

Prevention and maintenance actions will go a long way to keeping your granite looking beautiful, elegant and in perfect condition.

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