Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best season to do top-to-bottom deep cleaning, we know ONE DAY cleaning sounds ambitious but a little extra planning will go a long way. This gives the perfect excuse to involve everybody and get them to participate.

  1. Tools of the trade

Gather a bucket full of all the necessary tools and equipment to help achieve your goal of one day spring cleaning. Every bucket is complete with paper towels, vinegar, baking soda, window and glass cleaner, microfiber towels, scrubber, brush, carpet spot remover, etc.

  1. Start from top-to-bottom

This helps the dust from top fall to bottom, this way freshly cleaned surfaces will not get dirty again while removing dust and dirt.

  1. Declutter on your way

Make a fast 15 minute room declutter spree, making piles to keep, to give away and to throw away, make sure to have a timer to keep yourself on a schedule.

  1. Let’s the cleaning games begin

Dusting – shelves, furniture, lampshades, picture frames, art, etc.

Windows and Mirrors– use window and glass cleaner and wipe

Fixtures and Ceiling fans– with a microfiber cloth remove all dust

  1. Kitchen clean out

Wipe cabinets, counters, table, chairs, clean appliances, stoves, oven racks, faucets, etc.

  1. Bathroom

Toilet cleaner inside and out, tackle tub, shower, walls, faucets, counters, sinks, toilet rims,

  1. Carpets test hidden areas for color safe spot carpet cleaning, follow carefully instructions on bottle.
  2. Floors, vacuum, for hardwoods and tile floors, a mop and bucket will make your floors shine
  3. Trash, Collect trash from your cleaning spree.

This helpful tips will aid you in starting your cleaning and decluttering session, we know that keeping your life organized and clean can be a challenge while managing a tight schedule. Don’t forget to schedule a deep cleaning service for all those hard to reach places.

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