Spring Cleaning

Benefits of spring cleaning and organizing your space

Bringing joy to your life through your space as well as being organized is quite a trend now a day but it’s been well established over time the importance of deep cleaning and removing clutter out of our life.

Studies have shown that clutter overtime causes physical and mental health problems. Our homes can benefit a lot from being clean and organized. Living in a clean and organized space improves physical health, mood, focus, productivity among others.

Living your best life is not about following a trend, it’s more about being organized year round then just in the springtime, and it’s more about a way of life then chores around the house or office.

Removing clutter from our life
It’s about removing all the stuff, objects that we are not using anymore, these objects tend to pile up and store dust as well as take space. Spring cleaning promotes decreasing considerably these items at least once a year.

Being active
Studies have shown a correlation between cleanliness and being active, keeping a home clean and organized helps burn calories, as well as promote task-driven activities, self-regulation and motivation.

Better physical and mental health
Clutter causes many diseases, respiratory, skin, eye and throat problems.
Making a home clean of dust, pet dander, pollen, dirt, and other germs or particles can improve your health considerably. It also improves your mood, feeling fresh in a renovated space. Clutter has shown to lead to depression and fatigue.

Being more focused and productive
Spring cleaning also your workspace is as important as your home. Organizing your paper and files makes your work more efficient and you are more able to focus on the task at hand. Clutter and messy spaces have demonstrated a negative impact on work productivity.

These are some of the benefits that keeping a clean and organized life can provide, making time for this spring ritual or scheduling a cleaning service will simplify this process and leave plenty of time to focus on what’s really important.

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