Moving in or out? Don’t sweat it!

Moving to a new place is a moment of great excitement, it also requires a lot of sorting, packing, discarding objects which can make this a hard task at hand. The best time to start cleaning is when everything is packed and dismantled, this way space is ready for deep cleaning. This type of cleaning takes time and a lot of energy, it involves dusting, scrubbing, and reaching for all those difficult spots. All of these activities take a significant amount of valuable time but are super important when selling or returning property.

Moving out generally means leaving a home unclean, in some cases if it’s a rental, the choice between cleaning or not (depending on your tenancy agreement) can lead to losing your deposit. It’s always recommended to understand what’s expected of you when you move out. This way you can always schedule a cleaning service to carry out the process of deep cleaning if pressed for time. It’s important to understand this is not a standard cleaning room from room. It’s a very thorough cleaning process, done very meticulously from ceilings, walls, windows, knobs, doors, switches, outlets, from every room, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, garage, outdoors, etc.

If you are selling a property, there are usually agreements to leave the space in a clean state. Professional help is necessary to steam carpets, floors, windows, gardening and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way adding value to the property. This whole moving out process requires a lot of focus to pack-unpack, clean, organize the old space as well as the new one. Juggling among both is timeconsuming as well as overwhelming. Scheduling a cleaning service for moving out or moving in will simplify this process and leave plenty of time to focus on what’s really important.

Go clean is a professional dependable cleaning service, with 10 years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning services, recognized for the excellence in their customer service, great attention to detail and pricing.

Our service is exceptional every time, insured, pet-friendly and upon request offer “green services”. We are bilingual and available, give yourself a break and call Go clean will bring the elbow grease and leave everything squeaky clean.

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