Throwing a party requires weeks if not months of preparation. Sometimes the house or space where it will take place seems to be left out of immediate the plan, proving to be a huge mistake.

Timing is crucial and cleaning prior to the event is of the essence. From the entrance, ceiling, walls, windows, shades, carpets, furniture, etc. Every corner needs to be revised and cleaned before the guests can come and enjoy the party.

Coordinating menu, decorations, seating arrangements, entertainment, can be a bit overwhelming aside all the cleaning needed to be ready for the celebration.

At Go Clean we know how important this celebrations are for you and your loved ones and we want to help you take care of what truly matters. We take pride in bringing cleanliness, harmony and balance to your environment, and leaving the happy moments to you while you enjoy every second of your gathering.

Our service is exceptional every single time, we are insured, pet friendly and also can provide “green services”, you can schedule same day cleaning service and we are bilingual, our prices are fully disclosed this way you always know what you’re paying for with no unpleasant surprises.
Spend your time doing what you love best, you can rely on us to Go Clean every time!